Migrant Legal Aid Programs

If you are a farmworker who is a victim of human trafficking, labor trafficking, pesticide exposure, or violence, contact us for help.

As part of our mission, Migrant Legal Aid runs several programs that address the migrant community’s biggest concerns: violence, human trafficking (labor trafficking), and a fair food system.

MOVE (Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments)

We represent victims of hate and harrassment, crimes, human trafficking, labor trafficking, and violence by helping them protect themselves, rebuild, and assert their legal rights. Our attorneys and staff guide survivors through the process of documenting their claims, working with the authorities, and eligibility for legalization through a T-visa or U-via application.

Defending Against Hate

Now more than ever, workers tell us about their fears—of physical violence, of their children’s safety, of losing their rights, and of ICE. Defending Against Hate is the first program of its kind, connecting law enforcement, school systems, and migrant workers to facilitate communication and understanding.

Latest Migrant Legal Aid News and Events

Our team regularly publishes articles that highlight our clients’ success stories, our newest initiatives, and information that our community of workers and advocates should know about.

Domestic Violence

Migrant Legal Aid’s program Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments (MOVE) protects migrant women and their children from domestic or workplace violence, stranger violence, and sexual assault by assisting victims with social and legal wrap-around services to escape their captivity, stop the cycle of violence, and live a productive dignified life. We ensure they feel comfortable with, and engaged in, the prosecution of their assailants, throughout the procedures they experience within the judicial system as they exercise their rights. Migrant Legal Aid guides individuals across the  legal bridge from victim to survivor, using tools of the legal system such as personal protection orders, divorce, child custody and support, immigration, and obtaining a green card when eligible.

Fair Food Project

Our Fair Food Project ensures equitable and humane treatment of farmworkers and their families. Migrant Legal Aid partners with food producers, retailers, and employers to protect workers from exploitation in the food supply chain.

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