Fair Labor

Demanding Fair Labor Contracts for Migrant Workers

Migrant and seasonal farmworkers are entitled to receive written terms and conditions of the job. During the recruitment process, the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act requires that written information about wages, hours, working conditions, and housing be given to migrant workers, or at the start of their work season for seasonal workers. In the case of temporary foreign workers on an H-2A contract, we enforce the terms of their employment contract (the ETA 790) and defend against contracts that contain unlawful terms.

Migrant Legal Aid Supports Migrants working under H-2A Labor Contracts

Migrant Legal Aid helps to protect workers against breaches of the worker’s written contracts. And will assist US-based domestic workers who apply for the H-2A jobs offered but are unlawfully denied employment. If the employer uses H-2A temporary foreign labor, we defend the rights of all workers, domestic and foreign, who apply for or work under this kind of contract and work order, the US DOL ETA 790.

Fair Labor Standards Act: Michigan Minimum Wage Law

Migrant Legal Aid helps to explain and enforce the rights of migrant workers, such as those granted by federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the State minimum wage and payment laws.These laws apply to workers even when they are working by the piece rate (“por contrato”, as they say).

Migrant and Seasonal Agriculture Worker Protection Act

Additionally, Migrant Legal Aid helps enforce the Migrant and Seasonal Worker Agricultural Protection Act (MSPA or AWPA). This act requires compliance with the working arrangement of the job, and all laws related to that arrangement. It also ensures that families have bathroom facilities while working in the fields, potable drinking water and hand-washing facilities, employer-kept accurate payroll records, employer-supplied records to the workers, payment of wages when due, and written disclosure of the terms and conditions of their work. AWPA is often the worker’s best protection from exploitation.

Struggling With Unfair Labor Contracts?
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If you believe your labor rights have been violated, contact Migrant Legal Aid for help.

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