Protecting Migrant Farmworkers’ Jobs

Maintaining work and earning an income is essential for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and food workers. We help them maintain their income, and family stability, by protecting the wages they need for their basic costs of living. Migrant Legal Aid helps protect jobs, wages, and housing, and defends against unlawful retaliation or discrimination when workers speak up. 

Remedies for Exploitation of Migrant Workers by Employers 

Migrant Legal Aid uses the law, advocacy, or litigation to enforce workers’ remedies and protect them from unfair labor practices of their employers. This includes the workers’ right to be free from retaliation or discrimination for having raised a labor complaint. Employers violate the law if they punish job applicants or employees for merely asserting their labor rights.    

Unfortunately, some migrant workers are vulnerable to abuse because they are loathe to complain, or fear immigration-related consequences and family separation. Certain employers, farm labor contractors, and crew leaders are known to take advantage of their authority and perceived power, abusing and threatening farmworkers and their families. Migrant Legal Aid vigilantly guards against such abuse by monitoring conditions in the working environment and listening to workers while visiting their labor housing units in remote areas. 

Migrant Legal Aid Protects Migrant Workers’ Jobs

Migrant Legal Aid offers education about laws and rights of workers regarding their right to employment free from discrimination or retaliation. Armed with knowledge of their rights, and our office’s support, migrant farmworkers can feel secure when filing a complaint or standing up against employment discrimination.  

If the threat of retaliation or blacklisting has caused you to fear losing your job, or if you have lost your job due to retaliation or blacklisting, contact Migrant Legal Aid for help.

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