Assisting Migrant Workers Resolve Crew Leader Problems

Migrant workers are often recruited for jobs by crew leaders and used by growers in a way that creates fertile ground for exploitation. Crew leaders and farm labor contractors sometimes unlawfully abuse their power and authority. For example, it is not uncommon for crew leaders to underreport work hours; overcharge workers for “amenities,” housing or food; recruit labor using unlawful means; or bait and switch details of the working arrangement or labor contract.

Migrant Legal Aid Supports Farm Workers Experiencing Problems With Crew Leaders

Migrant Legal Aid provides services that improve migrant farmworkers’ everyday lives. When crew leader and employer problems occur, we educate workers about their legal rights, suggest solutions, and assert their rights—up to, and including through litigation.

Whether in their home environment, at employer-provided housing, or in the field work site, we defend the farmworkers’ rights to safe transportation, fair and accurate record keeping (including all hours worked and piece rates picked), timely payment of wages when due, safe drinking water, and handwashing stations or portable clean bathroom facilities. Migrant Legal Aid educates, observes, and finds violations of law by crew leaders and employers during its mobile outreach visits to migrant labor housing sites. From there, we provide remedies in various forms, from advocacy to litigation and invocation of the retailer and consumer-backed Fair Food Project for active labor disputes or abusive treatment.

If you have questions about your options, don’t wait to contact Migrant Legal Aid for help.

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