Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments (MOVE)

If you are a farmworker and a victim of human trafficking, labor trafficking, or violence, contact us for help.

Migrant Legal Aid assists victims of human trafficking, labor trafficking, forced labor, and violence as they rebuild their lives and livelihood. Whether survivors need medical and mental health treatment, immigration representation, or other services, our team guides these vulnerable individuals through the systems designed to protect their legal rights.

Human Trafficking

As part of Migrant Legal Aid’s MOVE program, Migrant Legal Aid helps victims of human trafficking and labor trafficking to overcome their violent environment. Migrant Legal Aid offers services to migrant victims of human/labor trafficking which include helping victims escape captivity, seek legal status, and obtain T and U visas. We guide them across the bridge from victim to survivor, restoring their lives and livelihood, i.e. their dignity and independence.

Child Labor

We uphold child labor laws that protect children from unlawful labor and working conditions, and assist families with daycare and school-related issues.

Domestic Violence

Migrant Legal Aid’s program Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments (MOVE) protects migrant women and their children from domestic or workplace violence, stranger violence, and sexual assault by assisting victims with social and legal wrap-around services to escape their captivity, stop the cycle of violence, and live a productive dignified life. We ensure they feel comfortable with, and engaged in, the prosecution of their assailants, throughout the procedures they experience within the judicial system as they exercise their rights. Migrant Legal Aid guides individuals across the  legal bridge from victim to survivor, using tools of the legal system such as personal protection orders, divorce, child custody and support, immigration, and obtaining a green card when eligible.

Looking for Ways to Get Involved?

Community engagement is core to our success at Migrant Legal Aid. If you want to volunteer, donate, join our board, or become a Fair Food Member to support our work, we would love to hear from you.

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