Safe Transportation

If you would like help acquiring a drivers license or would like transportation documents translated, contact Migrant Legal Aid.

Migrant workers often must compromise their autonomy. This leaves them vulnerable and dependent on their employer for certain services. In an unfamiliar environment and without a vehicle, migrant workers expect safe transportation to and from work.
Their employer is obligated to provide transportation or reimbursements for transportation. However, it remains difficult to acquire a driver’s license or access health care.
Migrant Legal Aid educates migrants about transportation rights, the rules about driving in Michigan, translates materials and documents, and helps them access other social services such as the acquisition of a driver’s license.

MI Drivers License Bill - Amended

What does this mean for Undocumented Farmworkers?

If you’re undocumented, you’re still not a “resident” and not required to have a Michigan driver’s license. 

You can still drive using a license from Belize, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.

What changed as of 3/29/17

You now need your home country’s license translated into English, with your photo. 

Documented people from other countries — not on the list above — can now drive. 

You can use an International Driving Permit if your country recognizes them; or you can use a document that has your photo, is translated into English, and substantially corresponds to an International Driving Permit.

Resources For Drivers

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