Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments

Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments

Human Trafficking

As part of Migrant Legal Aid’s MOVE program, Migrant Legal Aid helps victims of human trafficking overcome their violent environment. Migrant Legal Aid offers services to migrant victims of human trafficking which include helping victims obtain T-Visas and access healthcare. 

Domestic Violence

Migrant Legal Aid’s program Migrants Overcoming Violent Environments (MOVE) protects migrant women and their children from domestic violence and sexual assault by ensuring healthy relationships at home and work. MOVE empowers migrant victims of domestic violence, human trafficking or child labor overcome their harmful environments by providing them access to healthcare, daycare, and legal assistance without discrimination.  

Child Labor

We uphold child labor laws that protect children from unlawful labor and working conditions. We advocate for children workers by assisting families with school-related issues.

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