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It’s ironic that those who till the soil, cultivate and harvest the fruits, vegetables, and other foods that fill your tables with abundance have nothing left for themselves.

Mike Stuart

Cesar Chavez

Migrant Legal Aid believes that human dignity and equal rights must be protected for the vulnerable members of society. In Michigan, migrant, seasonal and agriculture workers are integral to the community; there are over 90,000 MSFW and their families in Michigan. However, these workers often suffer humiliating and degrading treatment from discrimination in the form of hate crimes, hostile work environment, and racial profiling. Our mission at Migrant Legal Aid is to help the community protect migrant farmworkers and ensure equal rights for these workers and their families. We offer programs and provide legal services to help ensure migrants are not subjected to discriminatory treatment.

Legal Advice & Representation

Migrant Legal Aid provides legal advice to migrants regarding their employment, minimum wage, right to suitable housing, education, health and public benefits, civil rights, and worker protections. Migrant Legal Aid represents clients through negotiation, mediation, or litigation in court. Migrant Legal Aid often advocates for large groups of workers with the same employer and similar legal issues.

Outreach & Housing

Migrant Legal Aid provides outreach services to the camps where migrants are housed to support their rights to safe and suitable housing. Migrant Legal Aid addresses workers’ concerns and evaluates potential problems to avoid crises.


Proposed changes to laws and government policies often have the potential to significantly impact the rights and responsibilities of immigrants and migrants in Michigan. When asked, Migrant Legal Aid provides advice and recommendations to government officials who seek the migrants’ perspectives on their policies. Furthermore, Migrant Legal Aid takes initiative to educate the migrant community about how the proposed changes may either help or harm the community.

Community Education

Migrant Legal Aid provides legal education to migrants and community advocates about numerous issues that affect migrant workers. Topics include health, education, employment, safe housing, public benefits, civil rights, worker safety, and immigration.


Migrant Legal Aid is a hub of resource information for migrants. Migrant Legal Aid evaluates the needs of each client and offers counsel and advice, in order to provide information about the best resource and contact information available to each individual.

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