Human Trafficking

If you have experienced human trafficking, or know someone who has been trafficked, contact Migrant Legal Aid for help.

Given that the largest risk factor for human trafficking is recent migration or relocation, migrant workers face a disproportionately high chance of being trafficked. With 305 human trafficking cases reported in Michigan in 2017, Migrant Legal Aid recognizes the gravity of this issue.  


Victims of human trafficking are eligible for a T-visa, which is a temporary immigration benefit that allows victims to remain in the U.S. for up to 4 years if they have assisted law enforcement in an investigation or prosecution of human trafficking.  


Migrant Legal Aid offers services to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers receive T-Visas. Additionally, Migrant Legal Aid can reference victims to local services such as healthcare.  


Some victims may not report these crimes to the police because of the traumatic nature of the crime and out of fear of revealing their immigration status to law enforcement. Receiving a T-Visa is contingent on cooperation with law enforcement, so Migrant Legal Aid encourages victims to report these crimes and cooperate with the police so that they will be eligible for the fullest protection provided by law. It is not necessary to provide information regarding immigration status. 

Greenhouse Trafficking Case

A crew of human traffickers recruited workers in Florida to work in the Kalamazoo area. During the recruitment process, they identified people without connections to the local area and exploited them during their journey up to Michigan. Upon arrival, the workers were forced to work in a greenhouse and give the money they earned to the traffickers. The owner of the greenhouse noticed signs of trafficking and called his lawyer to help. The victims were soon freed, and an investigation began against the traffickers. Migrant Legal Aid helped the victims receive T-Visas.

Father Reunited With Daughter

After escaping labor trafficking in the Kalamazoo area mentioned above, one man reunited with his daughter after she arrived from Honduras.

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