Thank you to our sponsors for helping us host a record-breaking event on October 13, 2021. We had 160 guests in attendance and surpassed our fundraising goal.

Jamie Mills &

Jim Nichols

Norm and Marilyn Leven Family Foundation

Wallson Knack, Esq.

Betsy Hanisch

Paul and Elaine Isely

Joanne Kormylo

Jim and Vaughn Quince

History of the Harvest of Justice

The Harvest of Justice is a yearly luncheon that started in 2010 and focused on sharing Migrant Legal Aid’s client success stories with donors and community members. In the past, the event has been held in a farm orchard in order to bring people close to the setting where many of our clients work. Sharing stories of success in this environment helps to ensure that donors understand how they are affecting the lives of the clients.  

This mission-focused event attracts people who are passionate about our mission to help the community protect migrant farmworkers. It is a celebration of those who further our mission. We give out both a Good Grower Award and a Responsible Retailer Award to honor those in the community committed to good harvesting practices and protecting migrant’s rights.  

This event has led to the development of our newsletter, because attendees wanted to stay in touch with Migrant Legal Aid’s activity. Furthermore, by presenting our work at the Harvest of Justice, we have been able to grow our capacity and recognition within the community. 

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