Benefits for Migrants


The Michigan Fair Food Project targets migrants in several ways. Outreach trips to migrant camps occur frequently to educate the workers and view their living and working conditions. During these trips, education sessions will take place, offering information on employment, healthcare, and education.

Wage Calculation

Workers will be taught how to calculate wages owed compared to piece rate, how changing laws affect workers, and the rights and responsibilities of Michigan workers. There will be a special program focusing on Women’s health, which includes domestic violence issues and breast cancer screening. Furthermore, programs that focus on children will inform workers of child labor laws, school access, daycare opportunities and other social services. Workers with limited English proficiency will be assisted and will receive referrals to community resources.  Lastly, workers will be taught how to best handle interactions with law enforcement.

These outreach trips aim to educate workers and discover potential work, health and education-related issues.

MLA's Bluebooks are used to help migrant calculate their wage.
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