With an average annual income of $12,000, many migrant families struggle to secure basic human needs. Food, shelter and clothing are easily threatened for migrant workers and their families, because these necessities are directly tied to their constantly shifting jobs and multiple employers.

Even though Michigan’s economy heavily relies on available, skilled and inexpensive migrant labor, life for migrant workers remains onerous. Oftentimes, migrant families live in unsafe houses, workers labor for 15 hours each day with limited access to bathrooms and fresh water. Language barriers complicate daily tasks; farming communities are inherently isolating, and transitory employment limits stability.

Wage Theft

We offer protection to migrant farmworkers from wage theft by educating workers about their rights and protecting the standards of minimum wage and overtime pay.

Labor Contracts

We secure the rights of migrant farmworkers to be provided written information about wages, hours, compensation, working conditions and housing.

Safe Housing

We advocate for migrant farmworkers' rights to housing that meets safety standards, offers hygienic washroom facilities, and is a safe distance away from pesticide.

Protecting Jobs

We educate migrant farmworkers about their rights regarding retaliation from employers and protect workers from employment discrimination.

Child Labor

We uphold child labor laws that protect children from unlawful labor and working conditions. We advocate for children workers by assisting families with school-related issues.

Crew Leader Problems

We aid migrant farmworkers with crew leader problems, including infringements on workers' rights to safe transportation, food, drinking water, housing hand washing stations and bathrooms.

Safe Transportation

We ensure that migrant farmworkers have access to safe, affordable transportation to and from work. We help workers acquire driver's licenses if needed.

Job Site Condition

We protect migrant farmworkers from environmental hazards in the workplace, which includes inadequate sanitation facilities and improper protection from pesticide.

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