Protecting Our Community’s Migrant Farmworkers

Migrant and seasonal farmworkers are vital to Michigan’s community and economy. However, these essential workers are often abused and taken advantage of. Our mission is to protect their legal rights.

Migrant Legal Aid

Helping the Community Protect Migrant Farmworkers

In Michigan, migrant, seasonal and agriculture workers are integral to the community; there are over 94,000 MSFW and their families in Michigan.

Our Roots Make Us Strong

Migrant Legal Aid is a nonprofit organization that has advocated for migrant workers’ rights since 1973. We recognize the importance of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and fight to maintain their human dignity. This includes advocating for their right to proper housing, safe working conditions, and a fair wage. 


Our team advances litigation and policies that support migrant and seasonal farmworkers. We also provide education and outreach at migrant labor housing sites, empowering workers and helping them address injustice and inequity.


Migrant Legal Aid by the Numbers

Migrant Farmworkers and
Their Families in Michigan
Recovered in Compensation and Penalties for Farmworkers Over the Last Decade
Hours of Direct Counsel and Legal Advice in the Last Year

Our Legal Services

Our experienced attorneys represent eligible migrant and seasonal farmworkers free of charge. We handle a variety of legal issues and guide our clients through these complex matters, helping them understand their rights and address  injustice.

Wage Theft

Wages are directly tied to migrants’ basic human needs, so maintaining adequate and fair wages is crucial. Migrant Legal Aid is a powerful resource for securing equal treatment under federal and state law.

Safe Housing

There are hundreds of labor housing sites in Michigan. Migrant Legal Aid advocates for safe living and working conditions.

Job Site Conditions

Our team helps spot violations of state and federal safety laws concerning access to bathrooms, drinking water, and addresses the improper application of pesticides.

Fighting Labor Trafficking​

After escaping labor trafficking in Michigan, one man reunites with his daughter. Learn more about what Migrant Legal Aid is doing to prevent human and labor trafficking in Michigan.


In addition to handling migrant workers’ individual and class actions, Migrant Legal Aid runs multiple programs that focus on workers’ health and safety.

Fair Food Project

The Michigan Fair Food Project is a partnership between Migrant Legal Aid, food producers, retailers, and employers for fair and ethical treatment of farmworkers. The partnership allows for active dispute resolution between everyone involved and timely resolution of emergent issues.


As a signer of our pledge, we give you the right to use the Fair Foods Seal on your produce to show the public you are actively involved in the rights of these workers and interested in social justice.

Fair Food Participants

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Our team regularly publishes articles that highlight our clients’ success stories, our newest initiatives, and information that our community of workers and advocates needs to know about.




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